Monthly Outdoor Peace Meditation…

Sedona Outdoor Peace Meditation
What-A silent, monthly, outdoor, community meditation activity dedicated to bringing peace into the world
Why-Inner peace leads to world peace. Meditation is practice that is well known to foster inner peace.
How-Silent meditation, sitting or walking
When-The last Friday of every month, 7-8 PM beginning January 30, 2015. Attend for as long as you are comfortable.
Where-Rte 89A, West Sedona, the grassy area, just west of the main driveway to the Harkin theatres, almost directly in front of Java Love Café.
What to Bring- appropriate clothing, a folding chair, a candle in a jar to protect it from wind. If you prefer to sit on a cushion on the ground, consider a waterproof ground cloth.
What this is not-This is not a peace march or peace demonstration. This is not an activity “against” something or someone, but rather “for” a peaceful inner and outer world. Please no signs, no noise makers, no chanting.
For more information, call Marty at 928-554-4194

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